Nuvei Corporation offers Generous Donation to Youth Development Now

Youth Development Now (YDN) is honored and excited to accept a generous donation from Nuvei Corporation as a part of its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Program. 

Nuvei’s charitable contribution will be used to provide youth scholarships, ensuring that no child will be turned away from one of YDN’s events. Funds will also allow for access for mental health resources for families who desire help, but can’t afford it. Additionally, Nuvei’s generosity will enable YDN to continue working on long-term program build-out for the community’s youth and their families. 

YDN offers the option for families to request Needs-Based Funding through a simple two-question form accessible for each event and program offered.

With the help of Nuvei’s generous contributions, YDN will be able to continue to provide the youth in our community with desperately needed access to mental and emotional health programs through our organized sports leagues, camps and clinics. Our specific and innovative tools allow young people to develop the life skills they need to address and prevent the physical and mental health issues so prevalent in our youth today.   

Help from organizations like Nuvei ensure that YDN can continue to grow and enhance programs for boys and girls of all circumstances. The youth mental health crisis is real and there is an urgent need to address the challenges facing our children. YDN is proud to offer innovative sports training and mental health curriculum, giving young people a safe and comfortable place to open up important lines of communication with trusted adults. 

Along with its charitable contributions, Nuvei is providing payment processing expertise and services to YDN to ensure that both individuals and companies can securely offer charitable donations to YDN. 

Nuvei Donates to Youth Development Now in Latest Social Responsibility Initiative — Nuvei | Tomorrow’s Payment Platform