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Join us at an upcoming event where we join team concepts, skill development and mental performance learning together. 

Youth Development Now (YDN) brings together organized sports leagues and team oriented events with specific and innovative mental performance resources to passionately attack the out-of-control youth mental health crisis for families of all circumstances.

Coach & Educator Training

YDN is currently piloting a number of key mental health and performance training modules for coaches and teachers. 

RDX Mental Performance For Families & Youth

RDX mental performance curriculum is designed to bring the basics of teaching youth coping and team skills at a young age – to help prevent major issues later in life. 

Physical Wellness Programs

Exercise and physical wellness for youth is a critical component of a healthy body and mind. Many of YDN’s events use sports to both train the body and mind to be more healthy.

Our Partners

We couldn’t do what we do, at the level that we do it, without our amazing partners. Thank you for your support!

Help the Cause!

Make Youth Development Now part of your annual, quarterly, or monthly charitable giving plan. 100% of funds donated go towards ensuring EVERYONE, no matter their economic circumstance, has access to our programs.

Take a look at our upcoming events

We have events for all age groups and skillsets. Please find the event that works best for you and visit the event page.

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The Problem

Youth Mental Health is Worsening & Access to Care is Limited

In a five year period, rates of severe youth depression have increaased from 5.9% to 8.2%.

That’s enough kids to fill every major league baseball stadium on the East Coast TWICE! Learn More About the Problem & How You Can Help Solve It.

But what’s the solution?

Our Solution

Develop Our Youth NOW to Prevent Issues Later!

Our solution is simple; FOCUS ON PREVENTION! We teach life skills using innovative team training and mental health performance curriculum. Each component of the program is designed to arm youth with the knowledge and skill they need to PREVENT future mental and physical health issues in their life.

Program curriculum is currently being tested through a pilot program of team sports events in various socio-economic areas of the Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area. Programs are for grades K-8.

So far, 82% of parent and youth participants agreed that what they learned through attending one of our events would be helpful to them off the playing court and in their daily life. 

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