RDX Youth Mental Performance

Youth Development Now has teamed up with Relational Dynamics Treatment

 to develop a curriculum specifically designed to incorporate mental performance learning into sports skills and development.  A first of its kind program, the YDN and RDX partnership is initially introducing its curriculum in the youth basketball/athletics market!

  • RDX takes therapy off the couch and onto the court or field, which is a non-threatening environment, where youth can feel safe to communicate, and develop knowledge and skills to help soothe current and prevent future mental or physical health issues.
  • RDX and YDN have closely integrated programs and curriculum to create a network of family, friends, coaches and teachers to make a real difference for youth in identifying positive solutions to life’s stressors.

Traditional couch therapy is often uncomfortable and ineffective for adolescents. YDN and RDX are taking the therapy to a familiar place – a court/field and a team – providing a quick and easy matrix for youth to make sense of their feelings. This innovative partnership changes the trajectory for building trust and relationships with vulnerable youth. RDX also provides athletes with skills that can then easily be applied both on and off the court.

RDX Coaches Training

Our highly trained and professional basketball coaches are on the front lines with the youth athletes and maintain a high level personal relationship with both the family and child. This personalized approach fosters a level of trust from our youth athletes that allows them to open up and communicate in a safe environment.